Silpro™ | Brush Head Oil Dispenser Bottle

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Color: Blue

Innovative Silpro™ 2-in-1 Design

 Experience culinary convenience with the Silpro™ silicone oil brush bottle, ingeniously combining a dispenser and brush in one unit. Effortlessly absorb oil with a gentle squeeze, preventing messy drips and ensuring lasting durability with its resilient brush head.

Safe and Durable Materials

Crafted from food-grade clear glass and silicone, the Silpro barbecue oil brush prioritizes safety and longevity. The transparent glass allows for easy sauce level monitoring, while the heat-resistant silicone brush handles up to 250℃, making it perfect for high-temperature cooking.

Precise, Even Oil Application

Achieve uniform oil application on steaks or barbecues with the Silpro squeezable dripper. Its non-slip brush head guarantees a secure grip and controlled oil dispensing, preventing wastage and ensuring accurate coating.

Smart Funnel Design

 The Silpro tool features a clever funnel design, preventing potential blockages in the oil bottle's straw. It also enables effortless re-filtration of excess oil, minimizing waste and keeping your cooking process efficient and eco-friendly. With Silpro, enjoy uninterrupted culinary creativity.

Efficient oil application.

Durable, heat-resistant materials.

  No mess, no waste.

Smart funnel design.

Silpro™ |  Brush Head Oil Dispenser Bottle

Silpro™ | Brush Head Oil Dispenser Bottle

$29.99 $19.99

Silpro™ | Brush Head Oil Dispenser Bottle

$29.99 $19.99
Color: Blue

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