LuminaUnite™ | LuminaUnite™ Swaying Solar Fireflies

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Color: Colored light

Nature's Dance in Light

Witness innovation and nature unite in LuminaUnite™ Swaying Solar Outdoor Lights. The flexible poles elegantly sway with the wind, seamlessly merging with your surroundings, inviting you to revel in the magic of light in motion.

Sun-Powered Radiance

Elevate your evenings with the future of outdoor lighting. Our Upgraded Solar Panels harness sunlight efficiently, storing its energy in an 800 mAh battery. After dusk, bask in their captivating glow for 8-12 hours, and let your space come alive.

Your Mood, Your Magic

Craft your outdoor ambience with our Two Firefly Lighting Modes. Choose Always On for serene radiance or Flicker for playful dance. Embrace personalized light that mirrors your emotions and paints stories under the night sky.

Resilience Meets Beauty

Defying the elements, our Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof shine rain or shine. IP65 waterproof-rated, they transform rainy nights into enchanted moments. Experience warm white light that turns gardens, patios, and backyards into tranquil escapes.

Effortless Charm, Instant Wonder

Simplicity meets elegance—no plugs, no cords, no hassle. Easy Installation lets you embrace instant enchantment. Flip the switch, secure the lights, and let your space transform into a realm of mesmerizing beauty, fueled by wind and light.

✔ Dynamic Illumination: Swaying design creates captivating light movement.

✔ Extended Glow: Upgraded solar panels offer 8-12 hours of radiance.

✔ Versatile Modes: Choose between continuous or flickering firefly lighting.

✔ Weatherproof Brilliance: IP65 waterproof for enchanting nights, rain or shine.

LuminaUnite™ | LuminaUnite™ Swaying Solar Fireflies

LuminaUnite™ | LuminaUnite™ Swaying Solar Fireflies

$20.00 $15.99

LuminaUnite™ | LuminaUnite™ Swaying Solar Fireflies

$20.00 $15.99
Color: Colored light

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